There are two main reasons I run this blog:

1. To add my voice to the conversation. In my persistent research on subjects related to my sexuality, I’ve discovered very little to relate with. It seems that there’s room for my voice in these circles. I’d like to bring more visibility to certain aspects of sexuality, and also provide another resource for people who might identify with me. I’m a big fan of representation.

2. For my own sake. I’m very self-reflective, and I’m passionate about my sexuality. Plus, I enjoy meeting people who identify with the things I write about here (i.e. I love comments! Please, don’t be shy.)


2 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. Diversity is DESPERATELY needed within this community. Everyone doesn’t fit into the shapes of archetypes. It’s important to get your voice out there, and I applaud you doing so!

    • That really means a lot to me! I appreciate this comment so much. I do see a lot of room for more diversity, and it’s reassuring to hear it from someone with more experience than I have in the area, so that I know I’m not way off base.

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