Fantasy: Lord and Master of Cute Boys

This is a recent fantasy of mine that I found particularly potent. I feel like it’s foundational to my identity in a lot of ways, so I want to share it. It’s a little window into what can turn me on, psychologically.

I have this fantasy of being the one to decide when a cute boy needs to be fucked. Not because I need to have him, but because I need him to be fucked. As a grammar nerd, I think of the difference in terms of active vs. passive voice. It’s not important that the subject performs the action—it’s important that the object has this action performed on him. He’s just so fucking cute that I need him in that state of being affected, taken, or had—whatever you might call it.

I find this idea particularly dominant because it’s not even about my own body. I have such control that I get to decide on his state, even when mine is taken out of the picture. It’s actually one of the most controlling desires I’ve had.

And when pegging a guy, I’d like to dirty-talk him about this and get him into that submissive headspace, where he knows the ultimate decision is mine. Not just because he’s a sub to me, but because I fancy myself some kind of master of cute boys. As if I appreciate them most and so I get to decide what’s what. He knows this, and that’s why he bends to my will. He has no say in it. And whether I get to exercise this control over other boys too is irrelevant—the point is that he knows I have the right.

It’s all play, of course. I would never assert that power where it’s unwanted; I have no such entitlement. But the thought of this role and his resulting subspace really makes my heart flutter.