Erotic fiction: role reversal

Today, I thought I’d bring you a different kind of post.

I love to write all kinds of erotic fiction, and although I have aspirations to submit to publications someday soon, I also want to make some available here. I just love the idea of sharing this bit of my mind with the world for anyone who might be interested or relate. I appreciate writers who have done the same.

So, to start with, here’s a nice quickie. Hope you enjoy.

Away from the party

They could still hear the sounds of socializing from the living room until she closed the door, and then it was just a muffle. Suddenly the tension was louder than any of it. Her hand steered him forward until he hit the wall, where she pressed her body flat against his back, feeling his heat. Knowing he felt hers too.

And then it was the heat of her words in his ear. “I need you right now.” The lusty noise that slipped out of his throat was all the response she needed. The way she undid his belt right then, slipping his pants to the ground, told him ‘this is happening.’ She made short work of the strap-on in her purse, and before he knew it it was slathered with lube and up his ass.

The way he moaned made her sink her mouth onto his neck, almost like a compulsion. She sucked it indulgently, hips moving still. Relieved that she was finally inside him. She ate up every sound that came out of his mouth.

Then she leaned back to look at the action, and watched herself thrust up that cute ass, absolutely dripping with lube. She held his hips to complete the picture, and watched, momentarily obsessed. He continued to moan in the most delicious way, and all she could do was exhale in bliss.

She leaned in. “You’re such a good boy,” she whispered in his ear. Pouring her affection into him. His whimper was a nice bonus. “Aren’t you?” she asked. Lingered. “You’re such a good boy.”

He nodded, shakily, but enthusiastically.

“Letting me drag you up here for this? You’re so good. You know I needed you to have a good fucking.”

His moan was almost desperate.

She thrusted harder now, need building. Letting out a groan of her own.

She could feel him tensing up with pleasure, and knew it was the relentless dildo in his ass. She reached around to play with that cock, and there she was relentless too—she wanted it wet and messy in her hands, even if it meant he came on the spot.

Her vigour surprised him so much that he could barely hold it a minute, and then her boy was spilling his orgasm all over her fingers. His body shook and she held him in her arms until he could relax, spent, and she soaked up every second of it. Eating up his climactic energy. She breathed heavily with him, chest rising against his back. Quiet for a single moment.

When he could stand without help, she was efficient with their mess and had her things back in her purse, cleaned up, in time to take over for him as he moved to do up his pants again. Then she led him by the hand back to the chattering activity as if nothing had happened. Talking and laughing, while her boy could only sit, listen, and take another deep breath.


One thought on “Erotic fiction: role reversal

  1. Yes, lovely quickie!

    I love the role reversal; it’s so hot to be bent to my partner’s will, and cock.
    I don’t think of it as ‘ dom /sub’ so much; rather that both people are educated and sophisticated to the point where either can assume any of the sexual archetypes available to us. ‘Cause life is long and sex makes it worth living.


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