New: KWSWblog Tumblr

I’m just doing this short post to mention that I now have a tumblr sideblog: I plan to use it for things I find that I like, that relate to my blog here in some way. Where my WordPress houses longer posts that are text-based (and written by me), my tumblr is for microblogging things that are primarily visual (and mostly reblogs). I might post recommendations there too. I like to comment on things, and you’ll usually find comments in the tags.

Check it out, if you’re interested. 🙂 It’s pegging-heavy right now and will probably continue to be—there is a heck of a lot of pegging on tumblr—but I do want it to be more well-rounded in the future. Needless to say, though, it’s NSFW and 18+.


2 thoughts on “New: KWSWblog Tumblr

  1. Out of curiosity: have you pegged a man before? Any lessons learned? My wife seems reluctant to do this to me, but we have a Feeldoe that I bought with her permission/knowledge and she keeps saying “soon” when I ask when we will try it.

    She initiated some prostate play a few weeks ago. It was a nice experience, but for some reason I totally lost my erection. I can’t say it was the best feeling in the world, but it was erotic, being penetrated.

    • I’m afraid I can’t be of help from experience, but purely based on reading, I would recommend making sure at least one of you is read up on pointers before you try. How to relax, ease into it, etc. Was it purely the physical sensation that made you lose it? If so, I especially recommend the reading. If it was mental, I think it would be helpful if you knew what it was that held the moment back for you. What sort of mindset you were in.

      Sorry if that all sounds obvious. I wish I could help more. Anyway, I hope your moment to try out the Feeldoe comes sooner rather than later.

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