Review: Switch it ON by J. H. Craig

Full disclosure: I received this story in exchange for an honest review.

The Switch Stories by J. H. Craig follow Miss Madeline, a professional dominatrix. But as the title suggests, there’s more to her sexuality than dominance. To my delight, there’s also more to her character. The way she acts around Jason is different from how she acts with Trey, with clients, with Ian, or with anyone else, in the most realistic way possible. She can be soft and withdrawn, strong and nurturing, or impressively badass, depending on what the situation calls for. Between her different roles and the different facets of her personality, I found her to be a truly three-dimensional character—and a likable one, at that. This gets major points in my book, because characters make or break erotica for me. When they’re as intriguing and dynamic as Miss Madeline, it’s easy to get invested in their stories.

Her relationship with Jason is the star of the show for me. It’s not only sexy, but romantic in the sweetest, most human way. It’s apparent that they truly care about each other, and it makes me care about their story in return. It’s the sort of partnership where they seem to ground each other. A stressful day becomes simple when she can snuggle down in his arms, which are “strong enough to build any dream.”

Another highlight is the standout writing. There are so many turns of phrase that made me pause to appreciate the language at work here. From Jason’s physical appeal, and “the blue laser beams he carried in his head,” to Miss Madeline’s client who “cried about what a naughty boy he was, and proved it against [her] leg with a shudder,” to the truly immersive descriptions of lust and orgasms, my interest and imagination were definitely sparked. These make all the difference between a mediocre sex scene and a fresh one. And Switch it ON is fresh on every level.

Watching the effortless waltz between roles is reason enough to read this. But when it comes along with sexually expressive scenes, great writing, and characters to get invested in, it’s a definite recommendation from me.

Switch it ON: Available now
Switch it UP: Coming summer 2014


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