Since I’m new here, I’ll give you a little taste of my blog’s purpose in the style of FAQs—key word being “style.” Watch as I ask myself questions and then answer them.

So what is it that you want, exactly?
Submissive boys. Please and thank you.

Are you a femdom, then?
You could say that. There are certain connotations this term has for me that don’t match my identity, but I am indeed a female who likes to dominate.

Describe your style of dominance in ten words or less.
I like to nurture, control, and take, not cause pain.

How old are you? Where do you live?
Check out the About page for this kind of information.

Do you write for a living?
Nope. It’s been my hobby forever, but only a hobby.

Are you trying to propagate your views on power structures?
Not in the least. Let me make this very clear from the get-go. In no way do I think that women should dominate or men should submit. Despite my love of role reversal, this blog does not express a belief that men and women as a whole should switch places. Rather, people should play how they want to. And for me, that happens to mean switching conventional roles. Neither does this blog suggest that all doms and subs should act in the way I describe. For you linguists out there, think of my blog as descriptive, not prescriptive.

Are you a BDSM expert?
Nothing could be further from the truth. Full disclosure: I’m new to the ideas in BDSM culture. I’m not new to the desires, but to the terms, the theories, and the realities of the lifestyle. The taboos, the trends, the problems, the cultures and the subcultures. Even now, I’m not actively engaged in BDSM culture. I’m merely an outsider with a stake in some of these ideas and an interest in the conversations. I do not have experience in any of this. Don’t take my word as law. I’m not here to teach you about these things, I’m here to talk with you. All I can do is share my own mind. That’s what I’m an expert on.

What makes you think people will care about what you have to say, then?
Probably most people won’t, but if there’s even one, I’ll be happy. I know I like reading about people’s experiences with desire, and I can’t be the only one. That’s all this is.

If that sounds good to you, stick around to read and comment. I’d love to hear from you.

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